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Pre-K thru 1st Grade

Experience an Amazing Interactive Presentation along with the coolest Dig where your students can find, keep and take home Genuine Fossils (shark teeth and more!), Sea Shells, Sea Stars, Sea Horses, plus lots more!
By far the best program we've had in our Pre-School. Our kids ages 3-4 were mesmerized for 45-minutes - lots of great facts, laughter and really cool fossils and sea shells for the students to keep and take home. We'll have you back again for sure!
Mary Smith - Round Hill Nursery

See Amazing Fossils

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What lives without a Brain, Heart, or Blood?

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Megalodon Shark

Touch some of the largest shark teeth in the world!
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Pet a Stingray Without Getting Stung!

Amazing Taxidermy Specimens Your Students Can See Up Close!
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Amazing Dig Activity!

Find & Keep Fossils, Sea Shells, Sea Stars & More!
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The children were transported to a whole new ocean world! Our 4 and 5 year olds learned through fun laughter and fascinating dig. Oceans Rock far exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much for an exciting and hypnotic exploration!
Patty Fowler - Wesley Hall Nursery


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